Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Hubble time-lapse video and one of the greatest sigur ros songs...incredible.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Liz is coming. liz Is coming. liz is Coming. LIZ IS COMING TO DENVER! tomorrow! yesssssssssssss

ps schliz. this picture. ahahaha

Friday, July 01, 2011

well said, john lennon

this has never been more true. story of my life.
but its a good life.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"There is one responsibility which no man can evade; that responsibility is his personal influence, a silent, subtle radiation...This radiation is tremendous. Every...person who lives in this world wields an influence whether for good or for evil. It is not what he says alone; it is not alone what he does. It is what he is...Every man has an atmosphere which is affecting every other man. He cannot escape for one moment from this radiation of his character, this constant weakening or strengthening of others."
--David O. McKay
(A fusion of two quotes, BYU April 1948 and The Instructor October 1964)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today is Doomsday. Just in case I'm not saved, I went and got some cafe rio for the last time. Enjoy the last day of normal life. Ready, set, Armageddon


Harold Camping has warned that the Rapture would come on May 21st 2011 for years, and end nears, many are left questioning if his Prophecy is fake. The Bible has taught Christians to always be ready for the Second Coming of Jesus at any time, sparking Judgement Day predictions throughout history. Even Harold Camping had a previous prediction of the Return of Jesus for the Rapture that was incorrect due to a mathematical error – when his September 1994 date came and went without incident. What makes him so sure that this year, this date of May 21 2011, will in fact be the date of the Rapture?

  1. The number 5 equals “atonement”, the number 10 equals “completeness”, and the number 17 equals “heaven”.
  2. Christ hung on the cross on April 1, 33 AD. The time between April 1, 33 AD and April 1, 2011 is 1,978 years.
  3. If 1,978 is multiplied by 365.2422 days (the number of days in a solar year), the result is 722,449.
  4. The time between April 1 and May 21 is 51 days.
  5. 51 + 722,449 = 722,500.
  6. (5 × 10 × 17)2 or (atonement × completeness × heaven)2 also equals 722,500.

Thus, Camping concludes that 5 × 10 × 17 is telling us a “story from the time Christ made payment for our sins until we’re completely saved.”

End of the World on May 21st? No!

While God give us the date of May 21st Doomsday in the Bible, that is not the date of the End of the World. May 2011 is just the beginning of Armageddon, and the time when Jesus rules over the Earth. Those who aren’t saved in the May 21 Rapture will be left behind after Doomsday under the rule of Jesus Christ for the final five months until the End of the World in 2011.

The End of the World 2011 isn’t May 21st, but instead it is October 21st. After the 5 months of Torment on Earth during the Apocalypse under the rule of Jesus, God will destroy the world on October 21 2011. Flooding, Famine, Locusts, and large Earthquakes will dominate the End Times, causing mass chaos on earth. The times of the end leading up to the End of the World 2011 will be particularly chaotic as Satan himself attempts to defeat Jesus in the battle of Armageddon. The Book of Revelations has already revealed that Jesus will defeat Satan just before the End of the World 2011.

ohhh dear.

Friday, April 29, 2011

oh my oh my oh my oh my

i cannot breathe. this! AH!

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